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i actually couldn't figure out how to reel in a fish the first time i played, haha, so i had to come back and try a second time.

the main character and all the items fished up are so cute and pleasant to look at! and the bird's funny little walk!? OMG I AM ❤❤❤ヾ(•ω•`)o(●ˇ∀ˇ●)

the music is INCREDIBLE!!!!!, but it would be great if it didn't reset everytime after fishing, if the main tune faded out either by making clever use of the audio mixers, or by shifting the audio source away from the camera in game and back after fishing. (i also think you might have forgotten to loop it, maybe?) And the fishing tune is so amazing!!! I wish i got to hear more of it in the game too


thank you! super glad to hear you enjoyed our silly bird fishing game! we're planning to try and fix some of those things reel soon!


Hi! I played your game as part of a stream of several games from the wholesome jam. Check it out! The environment is lovely and hopping everywhere as a round bird feels satisfying. When I played off-stream I got both boots early on which felt great, but then when I was streaming I had some real bad luck and got nothing but garbage at the start. Have you considered making the catches pseudo-random so players don't go too long on a garbage-streak? Other than that, as I mentioned in the stream the arrow which extends out to show the fishing power doesn't seem to correlate with where the bobber lands. which is a bit frustrating. But my goodness, when reeling in a fish, the music and particle effects and camera zoom make you feel absolutely incredible, you guys nailed that. Very well done! :)

glad you had fun! the chances of getting a fish actually improve the more junk you fish up as part of the whole not giving up thing. with each piece of junk, you clean up the pond more and more!

thank you for linking the clip too! it's really nice to see everyone play our game. 

you just missed the king fish in the water too! it's marked with a golden shadow


ah heck, I should not have given up!


I didn't quite pick up all the debris, but I got the King Fish and it seemed like there was only repeatable things left. 

You guys did some really, really great work! The reeling in animation was amazeballs. The music was really nice and fun, especially the sound you use when you lose the fish. The pastel colors and design of the cute fish you find and the bird are really cute! I love the descriptions of the items you find too "Y'arrrr!" very funny. My absolutely favorite concept is the fact that the surroundings change when you reel in a new item. This by far was my favorite thing in the whole game. 

Since that was my favorite, you can probably guess what I'll suggest to improve upon your next project in the future! That concept of the environment changing with the items you reel in was by far the #1 thing that kept me playing as long as I did. For future projects, I'd recommend focusing your time even more on that. Ideally, if you have repeat items like you did here, I wish that each plank would slowly make a plank path, rather than them showing up all at once. It'd be really cool if you could see the fish you catch over time in your bucket (maybe the option to open it?). Maybe multiple tyres means you eventually pile up a tire fort that looks like a bird or something. Maybe multiple unicycles means you also fish out some duct tape and make a proper bike out of it. I think players really really enjoy seeing improvements over time, so I hope this gives you some inspiration for the future!

Other things I saw that could use some more improvement on your next projects: The kingfisher default pose when not walking is just his left arm sticking up in the air. That seems really awkward and probably needs to be down in a neutral position if you don't have time to animate. The arrow that helps you know where the bobber drops doesn't work - there is no line that indicates where the collision will actually occur. If the bobber lands on the tip, let it land on the tip. If it lands on the first orange rectangle, do that. This might be a problem with the way you handled it - Was the arrow 3D and so incline was a problem? Might have needed to switch to a simple flat red line that stretches over the water and isn't connected directly to the pole. Another frustration was landing your bobber perfectly on a black spot and then it immediately failing. You don't get a "fail" sound, either, it just disappears and you have to try again. Why does it suddenly disappear? Final frustrating thing is that if you send  your bobber out to a far away spot, sometimes as you start to real in you just get the "fail" sound and it disappears. I don't see a red rod line to indicate that you've been tugging on too hard. It's slightly pink and then you "fail." You might need to do more playtesting to get the right results you want for this kind of thing. 

Thank you so so much for putting in so much time and effort! This is probably one of my favorite submissions here on the website. It's relaxing and clever and made me smile.  Wonderful job. :)

Wow, thank you for all your feedback!

We were running a bit out of time as the jam ran only two days (and some extra time for submission), so testing didn't quite get as much time as we would have liked to.

There were also plans for more environmental changes, like having a separate scene with a house where you display everything you collected and have a little encyclopedia, but...they were also scrapped for time reasons.

Anyway, glad to hear you enjoyed our little game!


I'm really bad at fishing, but love this peaceful place and the walking style of the kingfisher.


13:44 took me a while to figure out controls (I think I figured them out) loved the bird wearing the spoils of fishing!

it's an absolute joy to see people playing our game, thank you for sharing! love how you reacted to pulling up a tire